We double-dog dare you to take 25 classes in May!

Throughout the month of May, we challenge you to take 25 classes in 31 days. We made the Find Your Edge Challenge to set a tangible goal that will motivate you to push past your fitness norm. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to see the progress you will make in only 31 days?


It is common for individuals to lose sight of why they started their fitness journey and eventually they start to become lackadaisical with their fitness regimen. As a solution, having a tangible goal will push you to zero in and focus on an end result. This will feed your motivation and, in return, lead to differences in your physique and daily mentality!


Why should you push to take a class almost everyday this month? Not only will you accumulate a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got a spa day, yoga mats and towels, gift cards, and NiyamaSOLs up for grabs! You will never know what your edge is until you push yourself to find it – so why not start now?


Here are some rules/info:

25 classes must be taken by May 31.

You’re allowed to take more than one class a day. (Doubles and Triples Galore!)

You must check-in to every class, every single time. (Be aware of this when taking multiple classes daily)

All classes will be tracked through our system! So, keep your punch cards handy to keep yourself accountable.

All members who have successfully participated will be entered into a raffle for prizes. The winners will be announced June 2nd.

You have been challenged! See you all on the mat.

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