How to prepare for next year’s kettlebell throwdown

In June, TruFusion hosted its fifth annual Kettlebell Competition to an enthusiastic crowd and a live DJ. Sixty five competitors slugged it out this time – double from the year prior. Athletes competed in four events: the snatch, jerk, long cycle and juggling. Each event required athletes to perform the required movement for as many reps as possible in 10 minutes without setting the bell on the floor.

The winners of each event were:

Snatch – Jimmy Naw

Jerk – Jessica Jordan

Long Cycle – Cyrus Tubig

Juggling – Yo Jurani

Because of its growing popularity, next year’s throw-down will no longer be held at a TruFusion studio. Instead, event organizers say it will be held at a much larger venue.

We recently spoke with Cristina Osario – TruFusion instructor, event organizer and kettlebell maven – to discuss what you can do today to prepare for next year’s competition.

Take Kettlebell Classes

Seems pretty self-explanatory, but Cristina recommends you take at least one kettlebell class per week. “Bootcamp doesn’t count,” she adds. The classes will provide the volume to effectively build the strength and endurance necessary to swing the bell for 10 minutes straight.

Stick to a 2-for-1

The general rule of thumb is to take one yoga class for every two fitness classes. Cristina recommends making sure one of those is a vinyasa-style class and yin for those who really put in the volume. Not only will yoga soothe those tight muscles, but it also has the benefit of increasing your range of motion that’s necessary for overhead pressing and hinging at the hip. “The hip hinge is crucial,” Cristina says. By folding further and with proper form at the hips, you can deliver more power to kettlebell movements and make a day of slinging around that iron a bit easier.

Target Technique and Weaknesses

Kettlebell movements are quite technique intensive. The better your technique, the better you’ll perform – it’s that simple. Yes, you’ll learn it properly in class, but the class setting is too difficult to correct bad habits or improve weaknesses, especially if you don’t know what they are. That’s why Cristina recommends you attend at least one workshop offered by TruFusion. Many of the workshops will focus specifically on one of the movements and will allow more time for trainers to offer personalized instruction. Workshops are expected to start again in February.


Regardless if competing is of interest or not, TruFusion’s kettlebell classes are a fun way to build strength, endurance as well as a chiseled physique. Check our schedule and give one a try.


Written by: Christopher Lewis

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