I Tried Cryotherapy and Here’s What Happened…
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It’s intimidating. This black tube is supposed to bring my body temperature down to 30 degrees F. Why would anyone ever want to do this? Why would I want to do this?!
[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]But with TruFusion’s new steal of a deal of four sessions for $149, I had to try it. Plus, I was really curious as to what the heck this cryotherapy thing was all about.

After hyping myself up for about 20 minutes, I was ready to take on this time-machine-looking beast of a unit and it’s -200 to -250 F temperatures.

I confidently strolled up to the front desk to let them know that I was ready to try cryo, and the technician immediately led me into the room to get me signed up.

He provided me a robe to cover up with before getting into the Cryo Source Unit and also gave me socks, shoes, and gloves to keep my toes and fingers from getting too cold. Then he left the room to allow me to disrobe into my sports bra and shorts (although you can go in naked if you’d prefer).

Once I was suited up, the technician came back into the room. He adjusted the floor padding to make sure that my head would stay out of the unit and above the nitrogen vapor. (Before you ask, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas that we breathe in every day and is completely safe when mixed with the proper amount of oxygen.)

I anxiously climbed into the Cryo Source Unit, and he shut the door.

And things got real.

Real cold.

It started off as a pleasant misting of cool air.

As the temperature began to drop, I could feel each hair on my body slowly start to rise like snakes being charmed out of their baskets by their master’s music.

My body began to tighten, and for the first few moments of freezing blasts, I could feel my breath being taken away. My heart accelerated and my muscles started to tense and release, creating small involuntary shivers.

Some people say cryotherapy was the longest three minutes of their lives, but I didn’t find that to be true. Despite the involuntary shivering, I actually really enjoyed the experience. It was not as cold as I expected, and it definitely did not seem to last three minutes.

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The idea of cryotherapy was much scarier than the reality.
[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]Instantly after stepping out of the Cryo Source Unit, my body was noticeably changed—both inside and out.

My skin was taut, a little reddened, and very cold. But more noticeable was the change in my energy level. I felt awakened, my entire body refreshed. It was like a ball of energy had burst through my body. I was alert and honestly ready to take on the world.

It only took a few minutes for my body to warm back up to a comfortable temperature and for my slightly red skin to return to it’s normal color, and then I went and killed my Tru Barefoot Bootcamp Core class.

Now it’s your turn.

How low can you go?
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  • They do give you gloves, socks, and shoes to keep your fingers and toes from getting too cold.
  • Wear two pairs of gloves or socks if your extremities are extra sensitive to cold.
  • They provide you a robe to change into.
  • You can go in naked if you choose.
  • Remove any metal from your body before entering the unit.
  • No part of your body or clothing can be wet when entering the unit.
  • It’s really not bad, and it’s definitely all about your mindset.
  • TruFusion is having a deal of 4 cryo sessions for only $149, so you should go try it right now!
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Want to know more about cryotherapy and the Cryo Source Unit? Check out Cryo Source Unit, Inc.’s website.


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