Looking for a new gym? TruFusion is everyone’s gym.
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Looking for a new place to workout? Look no further! Trufusion is your refuge. There are so many options in Las Vegas, it can be a daunting experience. Crossfit? Pilates? Yoga? Athletic clubs? Where does one begin? In a town so saturated with extremely fit service industry workers, it can be easy to feel some form of social pressure to be fit. Where you workout can typically illuminate a broader lifestyle choice. Everyone has that Crossfit friend who can tell you exactly how many burpees they can do, or what his or her PR is for deadlift. But does that lifestyle choice suit you? Committing to a gym is a big leap of faith, that’s why we offer month to month packages. At Trufusion, we empathize with you and we take the guesswork out of finding a new place to sweat. We offer a multitude of classes and exercise disciplines that will keep you excited and committed. By fusing together several different practices, we can appeal to all demographics, shapes and sizes. Look no further, Trufusion has everything you need.

Your goals are important to us. Want to lose weight? Have an important event you want to be tip top for? Our heated yoga and Pilates classes are proven to shed pounds effectively. Looking to tone your glutes and add definition to your abs? Our Barefoot Bootcamp, Kettlebells and Battle Ropes classes have become the premier destination for the fittest locals in Las Vegas. Just ask Pedro Vazquez a former World Inline Speed Skating competitor:

“I come to TruFusion because it’s a total intense body workout. My favorite classes are KettleBell, Battle Rope, and Barefoot Bootcamp.”

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We have recruited some of the best instructors in the U.S. to ensure that you’re getting optimal guidance and motivation. Our instructors specialize in a variety of disciplines and practices. Looking to find a good yoga studio? Trufusion offers the BEST yoga classes in Las Vegas with an impressive variety of practices. Ever take a Bikram yoga class? Try Zeek Vincent’s Z Flow class. He brings with him, along with nearly two decades of experience, an avant garde style of teaching, which is weaved with powerful inspiration and verbal motivation. He carries 17 plus years of extensive experience!

Whoever you are, whatever your goals are, Trufusion has you covered. You could be a new mom looking to get back into shape. You could be a muscular male looking to tone your midsection. We can cater to everyone. Come and see for yourself. In fact, we’re currently doing a promotion! For only $7 you get 7 days to workout. That’s a dollar a day! Come see why everyone in town is flocking to Trufusion.


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