An Eater’s Manifesto – Lose the Guilt This Holiday Season

“Food is a reason to gather, an opportunity to give, a symbol for what should matter most in our lives”

You’ve put in the time. You’ve put in the effort. You showed up and did the work. It wasn’t always easy making it to class on time, but you somehow found a way. But, even though you’re looking forward to the holidays – time off from work, spending time with family and friends (or not) – you’re not looking forward to eating yourself out of all the progress you’ve made over the year.

I’m here to tell you it will be okay. I’m here to tell you that you can indulge in that slice of pie and glass of wine. And I’m here to tell you that you can experience self-compassion and partake in this celebratory season without guilt.

Now, I want to be upfront and say I’m not addressing those who avoid certain foods because of conscientious beliefs (vegans, vegetarians, diehard paleo enthusiasts) or those who avoid certain foods for medical reasons (celiac, allergies, etc.). If that’s you, understand we support and respect the choices you make.

 Without further adieu- Here are 3 Ways to Lose the Guilt:

1. Shifting Your Perspective Can Be Key

When you’ve made it a daily practice to focus on what you put into your temple it can be easy to view certain foods as ‘the enemy.’ This is a mindset that sometimes looks at food as an inconvenience and can put a damper on your experience during this special time of year. It’s sitting around the dinner table with family and friends and feeling miserable about what’s to occur. It’s allowing guilt to diminish what should be a celebratory occasion. What I ask is for you to keep it all in perspective.

One meal won’t ruin all the work you put in. In fact, indulging now and then might help you stay on track longer…

2. A Slight ‘Cheat’ Will Actually Help VS Hinder

“If you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’ll tend to want it more,” Corie Richter says, certified nutrition coach, former chef, and recipe creator and menu developer for Thrive Health Bar. “But if you tell yourself ‘I can have it every once in awhile and I can enjoy it those few times I do have it,’ you’ll have less cravings.”

You truly can benefit in the long-term by giving yourself a break here and there and remembering to keep the big picture in mind.

3. Food Provides a Time to Gather and Bond – Relish in this!

Think for a moment why you’re here at TruFusion – How it makes you feel. Why you continue to show up. Yes, we all want to look good naked. But there are a lot of ways you could have accomplished that. Let me step out there for a moment and say it’s the people around you that played a big role of your decision. Whether you made the choice to join the TruTribe because the people around you pushed you to do more than you could have on your own or because you just like them, the fact is we shouldn’t downplay the role of community.

It’s the same with food. It’s not just about macronutrients or calories. Food plays such a larger role than that. Food is a reason to gather, an opportunity to give, a symbol for what should matter most in our lives. It’s an excuse to be around loved ones to share stories, laugh, and even cry. It’s the first thing a mother gives to a child. It’s one of the greatest forms of altruism. It doesn’t get any more basic than giving food to another in need. Also, is there a more fitting term for creating goodwill than to say we’re going to break bread?

So, stow away the guilt and don’t worry about the calories on that special day. Instead, focus on the relationships with the people that matter most in your life and maybe even develop new ones.

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