Hangover Cures – Sweat It Out

Still wondering how to fix that nasty hangover after too many drinks during a night out? Instead of staying in bed with greasy food, try a workout and clean eating! Studies have proven that certain exercises and sweating it out can be very beneficial to feeling good again. One thing to keep in mind is that hangovers come with some serious dehydration, so make sure you’re drinking plenty or water and electrolytes before breaking a sweat!

Here are our top 3 tips to beating that hangover:

1. Detox with Twists
Gentle flows aren’t only made for the day after a rough workout, they’re also made for the morning after a rough night! Taking a TruYin class makes the body feel very relaxed, but also has the benefit of heat that can make the body sweat out toxins. says, “Small amounts of alcohol can be eliminated in perspiration, so if it feels good for you to sweat buckets with a hangover, go ahead.”

Not feeling the heat? Take a simple yin class. Poses in this class that can help twist out the hangover are reclining pigeon, lying spinal twist, and child’s pose. These poses can increase blood flow, release tension, and relieves stress and fatigue.

2. Push through with Pilates
Do you need a more intense workout to get rid of the pain of a hangover? You may not be the only one. Exercising releases endorphins and adrenaline, which can improve your mood. Consider taking a Tru Hot Pilates class to get your body and mind feeling better! Pilates incorporates cardio and weights to get your endorphins running and tone up your muscles for a better looking bod – Erasing the late night french fries you inhaled last night.

3. Drink all over again
Many people look to greasy food, or hair of the dog, after their long night out, but studies have proven that the slice of pizza you’ve been thinking about eating might not be all that great for your headache. However, you may be able to feel better with healthier options. For example, ginger is great for upset stomachs, motion sickness, and pain but also it great for cardiovascular health! Try a Gin and Turmeric at the Eats + Drinks smoothie bar to help get rid of the hangover sickness.

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