As the days get longer and warmer, we find ourselves planning vacations, brunches, pool parties, and other fantastical (that’s a word) summer plans. This month we’d like you to focus on what you’re coming to TruFusion for, whether that be those summer plans or simply becoming a healthier and better you. Really focus on what you’re doing it for, and push to find your edge.


With our large assortment of group fitness classes – the classics and fused – we know you tend to stay in the comfort zone classes (classes you take every week and rarely ever stray from). Those comfort zone classes will only take you so far, and it’s time to get out and explore all of the group fitness classes TruFusion has to offer! Go ahead and try that kettlebell class you thought might be tough, or the boxing that seemed so fun. Do it for the beach, that bikini, your health, but most importantly do it for you.
Here are some of our Directors of Fitness and Yoga to show you how they mix it up with classes:

Jamie Zimmer – Director of Fitness– TruFusion Summerlin

“If you’re focusing on shedding those stubborn lingering pounds from winter, I suggest mixing up your week with a variety of fitness classes and go hard for 1 month to kickstart your summer body!”

Monday: Cycle/Hot Pilates – Double

Tuesday: Cycle/Bootcamp – Double

Wednesday: Boxing Conditioning/Tru Yin – Double

Thursday: Suspension/Cycle – Double

Friday: Day Off

Saturday: KettleBooty

Liz Steers – Director of Fitness – TruFusion Eastern


“I think every woman right now is thinking about getting in their swimsuits. Muscle building along with proper cardio and diet is the key. Extra hydration is important along with these classes because they are heated so you will be losing a lot of water. Here’s what I suggest:”

Sculpting muscles and toning core:
⁃ Hot Pilates (Twice a week)

Building Muscle
⁃ Kettlebooty (Once a week)
⁃ Kettlebells or Kettlebell Battle Ropes (Once a week)

⁃ Yoga class (Once a week)
Hardcore Class
⁃ Boxing Core (End the week with this)
Rest Day(s)
⁃ Always remember to incorporate a rest day(s) into your week.

Angela Armonia – Director of Yoga – TruFusion Summerlin


“I’m focusing on physical flexibility and mind/body stillness right now. I like to mix up both heated & non-heated and active & restorative-like yoga classes throughout the week to keep me in balance of both of my focuses. Better yet, I like to double up with an active class followed by a restorative-like class! Here’s a typical practice week encompassing both of these focuses…be sure to rotate in 2 different days off each week to allow your body some well-deserved recovery time!”

Monday: Candlelight Yin

Tuesday: Tru Signature Series (followed by TruYin)

Wednesday: Baptiste Power Flow (followed by TruYin)

Thursday: Vinyasa

Friday: Yin or TruYin

Saturday: TruFlow

Sunday: YinFused

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