What’s in My Gym Bag? with TruTrainer Liz Carrillo

Fitness darling and Vegas-based TruFusion Fitness + Yoga Instructor Liz Carrillo makes sweating it out with her devoted TruTribe look easy. But she’ll be the first to tell you that it takes hard work and preparation to look and feel good in between teaching classes at Trufusion. Liz shared her gym bag essentials with us and we’re filling up our shopping carts as we speak!

Glow Big or Glow Home

“I absolutely love Pixi Beauty’s Glow Mist to get that all-over glow with a radiant, dewy effect. It’s oil-based so I can use it instead of a moisturizer before class and after a shower. It’s all natural and I just love the refreshing rose scent and the vibrant, glowy look it gives my skin.” Speaking of Pixi, Liz also loves Pixi’s Sun Mist, a quick-drying, fast absorbing sheer face sunscreen spray with SPF 30. “We sweat a lot in TruFusion classes and you want something that isn’t going to run into your eyes and burn.”

Raising the Protein Bar

“I never leave home without a Love Good Fats Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar in my bag. They’re chewy, delicious plant-based bars (so it won’t leave you bloated like other bars that have alcohol sugar in them). I reach for these yummy bars in a pinch (before or after class) and always when my girlfriends are going for an after-dinner dessert. They’re definitely an indulgence but a perfect substitute for a sweet treat!”

Om-my Goodness

“For a constant source of energy throughout the day, I sip on Citrus Orange flavored Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition Energy + Mushroom Superfood Drink Mix (pro-tip: you can get them in single packs, perfect for travel or on the go). It’s full of electrolytes so it keeps me hydrated and helps me stay focused and clear-headed when I teach. Two scoops mixed with water that I carry in my favorite glass water bottle – the Blender Bottle (also ALWAYS in my gym bag).”

What a Catch

“Okay, I know this one is weird but hear me out! I carry a fork and the Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna pouches for a quick protein snack on the go. Most people mess up on diet-life because they’re super hungry and need protein. Bonus: They’re budget friendly AND they don’t need to be refrigerated. These are the best because they’re super easy, delicious and processed in an environmentally friendly way.”

Say it Don’t Spray it

“Anti-bacterial spray is a must as a trainer and my favorite is the Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray. It’s essential oil-based and leaves my hands feeling clean and refreshed. I never leave home without it. I love the Lavender + Aloe and Lemon + Coconut scents.”

Barefoot Contessa

“Most TruFusion classes I teach without shoes so it’s essential to have a great pair of flip flops to slip into before and after class. I love the TruFusion branded slip ons – They’re super comfortable slides. Insider tip: They are available for purchase at select TruFusion locations.”

Beachy Keen

“I rarely have time to do my hair in between classes so I always carry Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for clean or dirty hair to get that messy beachy wavy look. When I teach, I usually rock a French braid so when I take it out it after class it is cute, curly, effortless look.”

Liz always keeps a spare change of workout clothes in her Vooray gym bag . Her faves? ALO and Niyama Sol. And her signature look while teaching is a sports bra and leggings (sometimes with a mesh crop top) so she can move comfortably around the class and show off those envy-worthy abs.

You can find Liz at Las Vegas TruFusion locations every Monday through Thursday teaching everything from Hot Pilates to Barefoot Bootcamp and HIITribe. Her favorite class to teach is TruFusion’s unheated Kettlebooty because she gets to incorporate everything she loves in one high-energy class to sculpt, tone and create mass in the glutes. It’s a mix of yoga, Pilates, core exercises and supersetting heavy kettlebell exercises with resistance bands to isolate smaller muscles. Oh, and the playlist is absolute fire. Liz drops a blend of hip hop, rock, and EDM with some softer tunes to wrap the class up. What jams is this Spotify Queen loving right now? “I Got Love” by Don Diablo (feat. Nate Dogg) and “Thank You” by Quincy Mumford for a sexy cool down.

Happy shopping!

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