Meet Your TruTeacher: Stephanie Zitzer

Welcome to the new #TruTeacher Series, where we feature your favorite teachers to learn about their backgrounds, what motivates them, their healthy habits, and more.

Our first interview is with Stephanie Zitzer, the resident dancing queen at TruFusion St. Louis. Steph teaches Tru Hot Barre, Barefoot Bootcamp, Down N’ Dirty Bootcamp, Tru Hot Pilates and most notably her original StephZ Cardio Dance class. 

Steph is a dancer at heart, dog lover, mom, and fitness enthusiast who has garnered a cult following of women (and men) who want to get a great workout and let loose while doing it. We chatted with Steph about her passion for dance, what inspires her, her daily practices and more! 

Steph’s Fitness Journey 

Steph’s fitness journey began in 2011 when she began teaching traditional Zumba. “As a former dancer I loved the concept of combining dance and fitness. This led me down a more creative path. I began choreographing dances to the latest hits and soon StephZ Cardio Dance was born! I missed the feeling of entertaining and I felt inspired to start teaching.”

TruFusion and Her TruTribe

Steph learned about TruFusion when she met Joe Goldberg, the franchise owner of TruFusion STL, back in April of 2017. “When the studio opened and I felt the electric atmosphere first-hand and the energy of the classes, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to start teaching!! While dance fitness is my main passion, I really have enjoyed learning and teaching other formats. I love the variety of classes TruFusion offers and I love the fitness community it has created in St. Louis. You will find all types of people from all backgrounds coming together for a common goal of staying healthy, having fun and supporting one another.”

“Dream Big and Dare To Fail”

Steph told us about putting yourself out there and how important it is to dream big. “The first time I choreographed a dance I was super nervous to use it in class. Would they like it? Would they hate it? Would I forget the steps? The day before I was going to debut my first dance I came across the quote “dream big and dare to fail” and I thought, “yup that fits” and it gave me the confidence to just do it!  Needless to say it was a hit!”

Tried-and-Tru Habits 

She prioritizes fitness daily and eating well to fuel her active lifestyle. “I do some kind of workout daily.  I have to kick my day off that way or I just don’t feel right.  Sometimes that can just be a 45-minute walk around my neighborhood. When it comes to food, my go to post-workout snack is GFB Cashew Crunch proteins bites.  I’m also obsessed with frozen blueberries, I buy them fresh, freeze them and eat them all day every day!”

When Stephanie isn’t breaking it down in class, she’s choreographing new dances, spending time with friends and family, and working on her charity Athletes For Animals, an organization that raises funds for shelters and rescues nationwide. Find Steph on the schedule at TruFusion St. Louis!


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