It’s when many of us fall off our programs. Too much shopping to do. Too many holiday parties. Too many temptations. “I’ll start again tomorrow,” you say. But just like that it’s January and you’re having a hard time buttoning your jeans.

It doesn’t have to go down that way this year. Our instructors are here to help keep you on track.

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Jamie Zimmer:
– Drink water when you wake up & before you go to bed as well as throughout the day. You will stay hydrated and help to flush out toxins.
– Take Milk Thistle- a natural herb to help heal the liver.
– Do not eat right before bed- no holiday late night snacks!
– Keep up with workouts whether fitness, or yoga. Stay active.
– Portion Control. Better to eat 5 small meals than 3 large ones.
– Limit “comfort food’ & keep eating “live/raw/clean” foods. Our appetite changes as it gets cooler.
– Switch to tea instead of coffee. Coffee allows for bloating to occur.

Liz Steers:
– If you don’t have time to get to the gym, get a workout in while cleaning your house! Incorporate an exercise between chores.
– Don’t stress if you miss a workout here and there, it’s the holidays. Relax and have fun.
– Walk your dog, it’s a healthy activity for both you and your pet.

Tyler Clark:
– Get your workout done first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day.

Leah Trask:
– Know that you aren’t alone and we all struggle to stay on track – so recruit a friend, an accountability partner. You are so much less likely to oversleep and bag out on a class if you know your buddy showed up and is counting on you to get sweaty with them!
– Eat before you go out. Part of why we overindulge is because we show up to holiday gatherings knowing there’s going to be food, but we also know that the food there is not the healthiest. Before you go out, eat a meal that you would make or consume any other time of year so that you’re satisfied headed in and less likely to binge on the eggnog and cheese dip.

Miinta Judd:
– Make sure you stay hydrated. Sometimes we mistake dehydration with hunger.
– Workout in the morning. You’ll burn calories all day long and you will feel motivated to stay on track.
– Eat healthy snacks every few hours throughout the day so you’re not tempted to continuously nibble on all those goodies people bring into the office during the holidays.
– Go gift shopping at the mall instead of online. You’ll have more fun shopping this way and burn calories as well!
– Get outside. Get a group together and play kickball or football with friends it’s a great way to bring friends together and stay fit too.
– Take a trip to the mountains. Play in the snow, ski, snowboard.
– Make fun holiday snacks that look good but are healthy for us. People tend to pick things on the buffet table that look colorfuL festive and fun. Just make it healthy!
– Remember it takes 90 burpees to burn 100 calories.

Cristina Osorio:
– Making a new habit seems easy but it’s actually very hard. Creating a new habit means carving out time from your usual routine to do something new. It could be stopping by the studio to take a class on your way home from work. We all try to do this, but home …couch…Netflix…are all so tempting. We typically use the excuse “I’m super tired and my work day was too stressful” to actually get to the studio after work and funny enough, that’s the exact time we need to take a class. Yoga helps relieve stress and can help our bodies get a more restful sleep. Whether it’s after work, before work, or on weekends, creating a new habit to take classes regularly requires you to actually commit for at least two weeks. Once you get over that uncomfortable hump of adjusting to your new schedule, it will become more routine and easier to maintain.
– “Treat” yourself with anything other than food. Most people think that taking classes regularly = deserving a reward every once in a while, and I’m not saying that we don’t deserve that reward, I’m saying that reward should be something that you can’t put in your mouth. When we treat ourselves with cheesy, fried, greasy, chocolaty, sugary foods, we create the wrong kind of habit and that’s what starts your ‘cravings.’ Instead, treat yourself to a movie where you can relax and de-stress at the same time. Maybe treat yourself to a new pair of workout pants or yoga leggings, which will add new excitement to your next few classes. What about treating yourself to a massage?…mmmm….that’s the best one.

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