Meet Blue Diamond’s Yoga Director, Lisa Davis


Head of Yoga, TruFusion, Blue Diamond
Head of Yoga, TruFusion, Blue Diamond


Are you all ready for the ultimate yoga experience at TruFusion Blue Diamond? Under the shining light of Lisa Davis, we think you will be.

We knew Lisa was just what we were looking for after discussing her fitness philosophy and her approach to yoga specifically. Lisa believes that being fit is a lifestyle that you must make work for you. With that, one must engage in activities that encourage you to stay active which is best achieved when you have a variety of outlets to maintain an active lifestyle and avoid boredom. Of course, the TruFusion family couldn’t agree more as is demonstrated by the many, many available class formats—yoga and beyond.

We had the chance to pick Lisa’s brain some more as to what drew her to yoga in the first place, her instruction style, what she loves most of the TruFusion yoga methodology, and more. Here’s a look:

  • What drew you to yoga in the first place—childhood dream, fell into your lap, or ____?

Lisa was drawn to yoga as part of a recovery process. She’d had multiple knee surgeries and was looking for a low impact medium for exercise that also encouraged flexibility. She checked out hot yoga and discovered it was the best rehab for her body. She was hooked! She never thought she’d be an instructor, but fortuitously a training was available in the New England area she was living in at the time. Being at the “right place at the right time” rang so true.

  • What’s your favorite part of any given yoga practice?

Lisa loves savasana, a restorative pose. She believes that 7-8 minutes of this at the end of a practice brings the whole practice full circle. While some instructors might choose to cut savasana in favor of more time in other poses, Lisa is sure that her students get plenty of opportunity to enjoy the benefits of relaxation of the central nervous system and calming of the body this pose offers.

  • What’s unique about your instruction style as compared to other yoga instructors?

Lisa keeps a very watchful eye on her student’s alignment to ensure the body is protected. She’ll be the first to come help you with your form and, in turn, help you understand your body better.

  • What’s your favorite thing about the TruFusion yoga methodology?

As TruFusion created a set series, students can come to a class and not have to think. There’s a level of consistency which allows students to increase their proficiency. That said, there will be plenty of yoga class formats that allow the Blue Diamond yoga instructor team to teach to their areas of yoga expertise, too!

Of the TruFusion methodology overall, Lisa added that she loves that TruFusion offers so much under one roof. As well, she shared that TruFusion has been great at building a brand and staying true to their product.

  • Anything else we should know about you, Lisa?

Lisa’s goal is to build a team that inspires her on a daily basis. She aspires to be a student as much as an instructor/leader, allowing everyone on the team to shine. She’s confident that ALL classes are going to be great thanks to a team chock-full of instructors who all have something unique to offer.

We’ll leave you with the mantra that guides Lisa: “The words you tell yourself are the most important of all.” To Lisa, this is to say that it’s imperative that you feed yourself love and attention rather than criticism. You can expect this kind of contagious thinking across the board from TruFusion Blue Diamond’s yoga team. Get excited, TruTribers!


Where Exactly Will You Guys Be Located?

TruFusion Blue Diamond will be located in a corner unit of the Blue Diamond Ranch Center, which features an Albertson’s grocery store. The major cross streets are Blue Diamond Road and Decatur Boulevard. Specifically, the address is 4750 Blue Diamond Road, Suite 100.


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  1. I love Lisa Davis and her amazing way of teaching.. she is smooth, clear and concise and so easy to follow. The mix of Lisa and TruFusion will be AMAZING!!! Welcome Lisa to this family..

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