Meet the TruTribe: Jen Matus

Meet Jen Matus, a full-time realtor, proud member of the STL TruTribe and the star behind @losingthejigglewithjen. Once 350 pounds, Jen created an Instagram account to document her weight loss and fitness journey, and we’ve loved following along and cheering her on! We chatted with Jen about her story to date, how TruFusion is an important part of her life, how she stays motivated to keep going:

Losing the Jiggle

“In the summer of 2017 I was roughly 350 pounds. I had an epiphany and decided it was time to make a lifestyle change, both physically and mentally. I started by walking in a local park. I would go daily, and walk as much as I could, which in the beginning wasn’t very far. Every day I would push myself further, and one day I could walk the whole 6 mile loop. Soon after that, I began traveling, and I would use the trips as rewards for weight loss milestones. I went all over the world and had one final big trip to Peru and Ecuador. After I got back from that trip, I saw a photo of myself on the last day in Peru and in that moment I decided that I needed to make a serious commitment to my health and fitness.

I jumped into an intense weight loss transformation challenge. My business partner Brandon gave me the push I needed to make my journey public on Instagram. He told me the more I told my story and became vulnerable (not my strong suit), the easier it would be to connect with others and grow my following.”

Staying Motivated

“In the beginning it was strictly about losing weight. I was working hard to lose the pounds as quickly as I could but soon realized that the journey and the long term results are equally if not more important. As my followers grew, I was inspired by the daily connections I was making. I no longer just had an obligation to myself, but to others too. I didn’t want to let myself or anyone else down.”

Trying TruFusion

“I started going to different gyms and meeting coaches and bonding with them. I met a coach who is still is my #1 supporter, and he convinced me to try TruFusion. To be honest, I was extremely intimidated. I was scared of being the fattest person in the class or not being able to do some of the workouts. After my first class, my mindset changed pretty quickly – I kept going back and started making friends and getting to know the teachers. Since then, I’ve spread the message that TruFusion is welcoming, inclusive and great for all fitness levels.”

TruTribe and Community

“TruFusion opened my mind and body to so many new workout practices. There is such a wide variety of class options, which keeps me from getting bored with the workouts and motivates me to come back. Plus, I’ve met so many new friends and teachers that I love.

The STL TruTribe is awesome. The teachers are so friendly and get to know the people who come by name. I have a core group I attend classes with but I have also met so many new friends there just from chatting with my neighbor on the next mat.  I also love bringing new friends, because I love the experience from the friendly front desk staff to the challenging classes and more.

I have very special and different relationships with so many of the TruTeachers including the owner, Joe.  They support me and push me in different ways. They all follow my on social and are a part of my journey, so they understand my intentions and what I want to accomplish. I also spend time getting to know them outside of TruFusion – going for coffee, getting dinner, etc.”

Daily Practices 

“Because I’m in real estate, my day is unpredictable so it can be hard to stay regimented. One thing that I try to be consistent about is moving my body daily – whether its a class at Tru or just a walk in the park. Fitness is one of the most important parts of my life now, which is crazy to say.  I finally got to the point of getting that endorphin rush from the workouts and I feel amazing.”

Words of Wisdom

“‘Believe in yourself and you can achieve greatness.’ Whether it’s weight loss, a new job, a new lover or just finding happiness. Do it your own way, on your own time and however it makes you happy.”


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